My Top Three ‘Albums of 2016’

So, I tried to do something like this before, but I got side tracked and completely forgot about it, but I’m determined to see it out this year. I am also hoping to do an ‘all time favourite albums’ post on here, which is something I am really looking forward to doing.

With regards to this post, I do like a lot of bands who bring out EPs rather than full lengths, but for the purpose of this, I have still classed them as an album (I’m not sure if that made sense, but I hope it did!). Now then, on with my top three¬†albums of 2016!

  1. Homesafe – Evermore


For those who are maybe unfamiliar with Homesafe, they are a Rock four piece band from Oak Lawn, Illinois, Chicago. I first found these through liking Pop Punk band Knuckle Puck, because the bassist for KP is the front man for HS. Anyway, for me this was a highly anticipated release, and when it finally was out, I couldn’t have been happier. Previous tasters in the form of the tracks ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Stranger’ were released before the album in its entirety, and these two tracks (more so Hourglass) I would class as two of my all time favourite songs. One thing I really like about Homesafe is how professional and tight all members sound when playing their instruments and singing vocals. I also love the rawness of Ryan’s voice, in contrast to Tyler’s more high pitched and smooth voice. Reflecting on Evermore, I’m going to say that ‘Relapse’ is my favourite track. I feel like there is such a varied range of things in Relapse in terms of vocal type, tempo change, and impeccible drumming work. I could sit with this track on repeat for hours and not get bored; and I know I wouldn’t get bored because I’ve done it many nights.

For Fans Of – Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, The Wonder Years, Modern Baseball, Man Overboard

Track Listing:

  1. Headache
  2. Guts
  3. Relapse
  4. Hourglass
  5. Exoneration
  6. Float Away
  7. Stranger
  8. Two (Bare) Hands

2) Turnstile – Move Thru Me


When it comes to Turnstile, I feel like they are one of the slickest bands on the scene, and I definitely think this ‘Move Thru Me’ EP helps justify my opinion. Even though this EP only has four tracks, it made it onto my list because of how intense and upbeat each track is, and this is something I love about Turnstile’s sound. The drumming and guitar especially is impeccable throughout, and I love Brendan’s voice. My favourite track from the EP is definitely ‘Come Back for More’, and every time I listen to it through my headphones, I always feel like I’m walking 100 miles an hour because of how fast pace it is, and for this reason; it’s a good one to listen to at the gym! I feel like this EP is proof that Turnstile have just gotten stronger and stronger over time as a band, as well as them becoming more and more iconic within the Hardcore music scene. I first was introduced to TS through The Story So Far, as TS were the main support act for TSSF Uk tour back in 2015, and I wanted to listen to them to see what they were like. I had seen videos and heard things about their shows, and despite the roughness, this made me like them even more, because their shows are basically a bunch of people just feeling the music and rocking out. If you haven’t listened to Turnstile, I definitely recommend them.

For Fans Of – Expire, Trapped under Ice, The Story So Far, Title Fight and Backtrack.

Track Listing:

  1. Come Back for More
  2. Harder on You
  3. Move Thru Me
  4. Fuck Me Blind


3) A Day to Remember – Bad Vibrations


A Day to Remember have always been one of my favourite bands, but it wasn’t their music that initially made me interested; it was the albums ‘Homesick’ art work. After seeing the art (me being me with loving certain styles of art) I decided to give them a listen, and I loved their sound. I feel that ADTR are very polished and in a strange way, quite classy in terms of their sound. I find Jeremy’s vocals very clean, and the instrument work precise and tight. And when this is all combined, you get solid tracks that sound amazing in the studio, and in some cases are even better when played live. I’ve seen ADTR play live twice, and I’ll be working their show at Leeds at the end of January, which is something I am very excited for. With reflection to BV, I’m going to say my favourite track is ‘Justified’ simply because the first time I heard it, it just clicked with me straight away. I love how the intro of the track is quite low beat, and the pace/tempo gradually increases throughout the song’s entirety. Another tack I also really like is ‘Paranoia’. As this track was released quite some time before the album, the track has been able to almost grow on me, and I absolutely love both the main and lead guitar work. I’m not sure how them live will work in an arena, but I’m excited to see how it does turn out.

For Fans Of – Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Pierce the Veil, Of Mice & Men, Sleeping with Sirens.

Track Listing:

1. Bad Vibrations
2. Paranoia
3. Naivety
4. Exposed
5. Bullfight
6. Reassemble
7. Justified
8. We Got This
9. Same About You
10. Turn Off The Radio
11. Forgive and Forget

(Bonus Tracks – Deluxe Edition)

  • Negative Space
  • In Florida


So, those are my top three favourite albums/releases of 2016! New post will be up soon.