First post – hello!

So then, I have decided to set up a new project that is dedicated to my love for music. This project is called ‘Emily’s Discography’ and it will include several things, including concert/music reviews, photographs of my music collection (vinyl, merch, tapes etc), my own performance photography, general opinions, and also art pieces created around the music theme. I will also be updating my Instagram account @emilysdiscography frequently, as well as adding content to this blog hopefully at least three times a week. I am excited for this venture I have decided to take, and I hope I can create content that you all like and share with your friends. Hey, it’s more fun when people do things together, so I hope you all like my posts! I added a photo of me below (with the band Fall Out Boy) simply because I wanted to show you all that don’t know me what I look like; the photo was taken back in October 2015, so I have changed slightly, but it was the only photo I could find on my laptop of me, my bad. Anyway, I hope you all like my future posts, and here’s to me procrastinating with uni work to add to this blog!



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Emily's Discography

My name is Emily, and I am a 20 year old Graphic Design student living in Leeds. I have set up this blog for a project I am currently undergoing outside of my studies dedicated to my love for music.

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